Monica Rhodes

I heard about the Earthly Delights apprenticeship opportunity through my employer, Healthwise. It’s a testament to the company I work for that not only do they advertise opportunities like this, but they supported me taking 8 hours a week out of the “normal” workday to follow my heart and participate in this program. And am I happy they did! While it could have been stressful to work full time and devote 8 or more hours a week to the farm, it never felt that way. The hours working outside lowered my stress level and there is nothing more therapeutic than physical labor and good conversation. And we had plenty of both at Earthly Delights.

I am grateful to this internship for the life lessons it afforded me. I learned much more than how to start a garden, tend it through the growing season, and put it to bed in the fall. And while this is the knowledge I signed up for, I gained so much more. I spent time with people I probably never would have met otherwise. And my fellow interns opened me up to new lessons and ideas. We talked about everything: health, religion, nutrition, spirituality, friendship, enemies, plants, sustainability, vegetables, cooking, the “good old days,” business, politics, and love. Nothing was off the table and on more than one occasion, we spent an afternoon getting different perspective and opinions on an issue one of us had brought with them that morning.

This internship is a commitment, don’t get me wrong. The farm and Casey and Lori are depending on you. It’s not easy. But they teach you so much and it’s so much fun.