Earthly Delights Farm

Earthly Delights Farm is a small-scale, urban farm in Northwest Boise offering high-quality veggies, fruits, herbs, seeds, and flowers to local Treasure Valley folks. We also house chickens and bees on the farm, though we don’t always have eggs or honey for sale. Our produce is available through an 18-week subscription (see the CSA Program page for more information). We co-founded and grow seeds for the Snake River Seed Cooperative. For more information or to purchase our seeds, you can check out the SRSC website.  Newsletters in the news & updates page give a flavor of the farm, and also outline what members got each week….

Our farm has its roots in human-powered farming, but we now have access to a tractor and use it on most beds roughly once a year. We still transport ourselves and our veggies largely by bicycle, and we still do lots of farm work with hand tools like hoes, shovels, and scythes. This has been a most interesting transition for us, from exclusively using hand tools to taking advantage of a tractor for turning beds under, and Casey engages in constant weighing of the benefits and drawbacks of both models. 

LOCATION: 5298 Stinger Dr. Boise 83703. The farm is open to the public only by appointment. Sign up for our email list to receive invitations to events, workshops, and other farm fun!

Mailing address: 2609 Arthur St Boise, ID 83703

Thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for supporting this little, urban farm!