Earthly Delights Farm

Earthly Delights Farm is a small-scale, human-powered urban farm in Northwest Boise offering high-quality veggies, fruits, herbs, seeds, and flowers to local Treasure Valley folks. We also house chickens and bees on the farm, though we don’t always have eggs or honey for sale. Our produce is available through an 18-week subscription (see the CSA Program page for more information), while our seeds are available at Edwards Greenhouse, the North End Organic Nursery, the Boise Coop, and very soon through this website! Newsletters in the news & updates page give a flavor of the farm, and also outline what members got each week…

Human-powered farming means the farm relies on people, using their bodies, fueled by their breakfasts, to do work, rather than fossil fueled machines. We use hand tools almost exclusively in our gardens, and transport ourselves and our veggies by bicycle.

Thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for supporting this little, human-powered farm!