Grad School

As many of you know, this past year I pulled way back from the farm, leaving it in the capable hands of Kendra Damnjanovic, and headed for McCall to pursue a graduate degree through the University of Idaho. To graduate, we have to put together a portfolio of artifacts with personal reflections from our interdisciplinary studies. I thought I might as well share them here with any of you who are interested in getting glimpse into my headspace as I return to Boise and to the farm. I will be returning with a Master of Natural Resources in Science Communication and Environmental Education. Our classes and field work focused on place-based education, science communication, ecology, and leadership. A massive thank you to all of you who have supported the farm in my absence! I’m looking forward to seeing where the journey takes us next!

Casey O’Leary Portfolio: M.N.R. Environmental Education / Science Communication

Coursework, artifacts, and reflections


Education Coursework:

Ecology Coursework:

Leadership Coursework:

Science Communication Coursework:

City of McCall, Urban Agriculture and Community Food Systems Contract Internship