CSA Program

We are full up for the 2018 season! Might we humbly suggest checking out some of the other fine CSAs in the valley to feed your fine self this season!

The Earthly Delights CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is the main way you can support the farm and get our healthy, amazingly tasty food into your belly. As a member, you pay us up front for a season of produce, and we in turn supply you with 18 weeks of fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This model is wonderful for both eaters and growers, allowing us to connect directly with each other to foster the relationships that create a healthy and truly sustainable local food system.

As an eater, you journey along with us through the seasons, from the first crisp greens and fresh herbs of spring through the last tomatoes and winter squashes of autumn. Each week, you also receive a newsletter full of recipes, cooking tips, interesting food trivia, socio-political rants, and other such tidbits. In addition, you enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing you have invested substantially in our local community, fueling a thriving local economy and keeping would-be weed patches in scrumptious, diverse food production. Plus, the weekly CSA pickup has become a veritable cornucopia of good times and good conversation…you can buzz through and grab your veggies, or linger in the shade with a cold beverage and talk life and food with a stellar group of folks!

As growers, we benefit by getting money at the time of year we need it most, replacing the ugly bank loan cycle many conventional farmers find themselves in to make ends meet with a direct support network of our own neighbors and friends! Also, we are able to grow a much wider variety of crops, taking chances on hard-to-grow items and expertly cultivating time-honored heirloom varieties to provide you with the most varied diet our climate will allow. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to our long-time members…they are truly the ones who make this thing happen year after year, throwing their wallets and their palates into our dirt-encrusted hands! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I mean, just look at these fun-loving folks, begrudgingly posing with their monstrous bundles of freakishly huge chard a couple years ago…

You might even show up to this, as happened last season…loading up on tomatoes! Rawr!

Now that you’re convinced it’s a grand time to become a member, here are your options! If you have other questions, check out the CSA FAQ page for more details!

CSA Options

Check out our 2-tier membership… You can choose either:

  1. The good ole standby share: This is our tried and true membership, consisting of 18 weeks off oodles of fresh-picked, organically-grown veggies and herbs, with a few fruits thrown in. I finally heeded the advice of our members who said it was time to raise our prices for the first time in 12 years. I appreciate their encouragement! (COST: $540 for the season)
  2. The half share: Offered for members who feel the good ole standby share is just too danged much food for them. You receive your share every other week with this one (for a total of 9 pickups), giving you longer between harvests to eat up your bounty! (COST: $325/season)


** We still offer bicycle delivery of your share to home or office in our delivery area for an additional $4/wk, or $72/season! However, picking up your share is the best option if you can swing it, because it gives you the opportunity to meet and mingle with your farmers and fellow CSA members. The CSA pickup (Tuesday eves, 4-6 pm) has become the highlight of many members’ weeks, as a good contingent of folks come and linger over a beer and/or lively conversation.

To Sign Up:

Send at least a $50 deposit check, along with your name, address, email, and phone number to:

Earthly Delights
 2609 Arthur St.             Boise, ID 83703

You can make as many payments as you like, but all share money is due by May 15th!