Kristy Kuecken

Kristy KueckenThis internship has been one of the most important investments of my time. In a changing and turbulent word, I am now confident that I have the skills and knowledge to help sustain my community and myself by growing food.

Learning about seed saving was one of the most amazing parts of the internship. I saved seed from my spring arugula plants and then planted a fall crop with those seeds. When my little arugula sprouts began to grow, I had the most prolific and abundant feelings. That was the first time I had grown vegetables without buying seeds from a store.

Being an intern at Earthly Delights Farm will put some hair on your chest. You learn to get up early, bear the heat, rain, wind, snow, cold, and other unfavorable conditions, think on your toes and outside the box to make things work in a pinch, and the virtues of hard work. I have become a stronger person in many different realms because of the internship.