Cymry Reed

Cymry ReedI chose to be an intern late, I think it was early spring already, after my friend, Harry died. I wanted to do something completely different for a while. I am a Farmer’s daughter and I’ve planted random seeds a few times, but never really grew my own food. Everyday after we worked, I’d go home and do what we did on the farm at home, from pruning raspberries and fruit trees to planting beets, leeks, and even soy beans. At the end of the season I even got to plant a little magic garlic at my house! I had a fabulous salad garden and a mediocre salsa garden, but I always had any vegetables that the farm was harvesting that week, and my menu has been full of fresh food for many, many weeks. Fresh salsa has been a staple in these last weeks, along with tomato soup, and frozen vegetables are stuffed into my freezer. Ok, vegetables weren’t the only perks of this season, I genuinely liked my fellow interns and Casey and Lori, I feel so lucky that this particular group of people convened for this season. We had great conversations and discussions and fun too! Someone always seemed to take on just the job I was reluctant to do, or generous in allowing me to do the job I liked doing. It’s a big commitment, and tedious sometimes, but really well worth the time and effort if you can take some time out from your life to learn about good food and farming and friendship.